Address : Tahalcha, Tinkune, kirtipur-10
Phone : 01-4331823/4332089

Established on 16th July 2017, Kirtipur Eye Hospital has already established itself,as a reliable and capable hospital within the short time of its operation. Apart from providing services of general ophthalmology, the hospital is also providing surgical services, primarily cataract surgery-both manual SICS and phacoemulsification. Few oculoplastic surgery and other minor procedures. 

The hospital is working in conjunction with the local partners (Lion’s club, Rotary Club, Red Cross as well as other local clubs) to effectively bring specialized eye care services to the local community.

Eye Care Centre 

KEH has taken over the management of PECC at Lubhu, lalitpur and Chandagiri since its inception.


Data in 2023

Total OPD :  34,408

Total Surgery : 1,420