Eye Health education program

National Eye Health Program

Eye health education is an integral part of any comprehensive eye care system. The main goal and objective of the eye health education program is to promote overall eye health in the country by creating public awareness for eye health and motivating and guiding people to undertake necessary preventive measures, and to seek eye care early for eye health problems and thereby, promoting the utilization of existing eye care facilities. Preventive and pro-motive eye care is of optimum importance in a country like Nepal with a low per capita income, where majority of the blinds reside in remote and rural areas with less accessibility to eye care services.

NNJS has been maintaining a separate National Eye Health Education Unit (NEHEU) at its central office in Kathmandu since 1989 in order to deliver preventive and pro motive eye care in the country. The NEHEU has also set up its units at 9 peripheral eye hospitals through which different eye health educational activities are being carried out.


Supported Activities


·         Fortnightly Radio eye care program via Radio Nepal

·         Fortnightly Radio eye care program via Other regional FM Stations

·         Mobile Phone SMS to 14 Zone of Nepal

·         Radio Spot Development and  Broadcast related  eye care

·         Development and Telecast of Educational TV Spots related to eye care

·         Flex Banner

·         Eye Care Educational Tele film

·         Publication and Distribution of IEC Materials

·         IEC Material Exhibition & Dissemination Program

·         Eye Health Education Fair

·         Broucher Printing


Capacity Enhancing:

·         Female Community health volunteers (FCHV) Training- Initial

·         Female Community health volunteers (FCHV) Training- Refresher

·         Mothers Group Training (MGTS) – Initial

·         Mothers Group Training (MGTS) – Refresher

·         Drug Retailer Training - Initial

·         Drug Retailer Training- Refresher