Address : Itahari Sub Metropolitan-9, Sunsari Koshi Zone, Province-1; NEPAL.
Phone : 025-583350, Cell: 9852065350

Itahari Eye Hospital was established on 11th August  2017 [Shravan27, 2074] Friday as Itahari Eye Care Center with the help and coordination of Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh Dhankuta Branch, Dr. Ramprasad Pokhrel Eye Hospital Dhankuta and SEVA Foundation USA/Seva Canada Society, Canada. After 3 years of establishment and getting approval from Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh Central Office Kathmandu it was upgraded and named as Itahari Eye Hospital on 24th Kartik 2077 [November 9, 2020] Monday. The hospital is located at Shanti Marg-9, Bhojpuretole Itahari, Sunsari District, Koshi Zone, Province-1, Nepal.

Hospital provides eye care service to approx 400,000 populations inside Itahari Sub-Metropolitan and areas around it. Annual walk in patients is 15,000 in OPD & 800 surgeries. Hospital is providing latest eye service technology i.e. PHACOemulsification surgery, SICS, Yag Laser therapy, A-B Scanning ultrasound at low cost price, targeting to  the people of Sunsari & surrounding area of Morang District and areas nearby country side. There are 11 staff, working in the hospital who are dedicated to their service that is helping the hospital to provide eye care service smoothly & effectively. The hospital remains opened 6 working days a week  providing the service in office hour (9AM-5PM). Saturday the service remains closed.


Services available in Hospital

  • Daily OPD Services
  • Ophthalmologist Services
  • Refraction Services
  • SICS Cataract Surgery Services
  • Phaco Cataract Surgery Services
  • All types of Minor Surgery Services
  • Yag Laser Services
  • A-BScan Services
  • Optical Sales Services
  • Medicine Sales Services
  • Pathology Services
  • Surgical Eye  Camps {Hilly Areas Only}
  • Diagnostic Screening Treatment Program
  • School Screening Program
  • FCHV Training Program
  • Teachers Training Program
  • Mothers Group Training
  • Drug Retailers Training Program